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Building Confidence for Special Minds


Rough Rider Roundup is an inclusive, family-friendly outdoor event designed for the special needs community of Shasta County and the surrounding area. Rough Rider Roundup incorporates horse- and ranch-themed events into adaptable and accessible activities for children and adults of all ages and abilities. The event provides an active outlet for those with disabilities, encourages interactive play between children and adults with disabilities and those without, and brings families together for community celebration. The inaugural event is free and hosted by Roughout Ranch Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit public service organization.


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Rough Rider Roundup—A Special Western Day and Rodeo for Kids and Adults of All Ages of the SPECIAL NEEDS COMMUNITY

You are invited as a Rough Rider contestant or a volunteer to participate in the 1st Annual Rough Rider Roundup. The roundup will provide the opportunity to give kids and adults of all ages, with diverse abilities, an active outlet to learn while having fun.

Rough Riders will experience adaptive "modified" rodeo-like activities where they become cowboys and cowgirls for the day. Contestants will enjoy: Riding stick horses and bouncy bulls around the obstacle course, riding barrel bulls, riding wooden broncs, roping steer dummies, barrel racing, riding the cow train, cow milking, corn shucking contest, the sheep herding demonstration, visiting the petting zoo, carnival games and more! During the roundup, contestants, parents/guardians and volunteers will be treated to a free lunch.

Each activity will be managed by volunteers in a loving, caring manner that promotes safety, fun and encouragement. We also encourage parent/guardian participation.

Please REGISTER EARLY by August 1, 2020 as space is limited to 35 contestants. Call Kathy O’Donnell to register or volunteer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Kathy at (209) 256-9640.

On the day of the event, the registered contestants will receive a back number, hat, bandanna, badge, rope and backpack to take home.

WHERE: Roughout Ranch, Bella Vista, CA
WHEN: Saturday, October 10, 2020
: 10:00 a.m.
FUN BEGINS: 11:00 a.m.

Don't miss the inaugural event Rough Rider Roundup in Bella Vista at Roughout Ranch, Saturday, October 10, 2020


"The whole event was incredible. Rebecca felt like a star and had so much fun. Our whole family had such a great time."

--Destinee Dale--

"This was truly an amazing experience for my Autistic 6-year-old son! He loved it so much that he told me he wants a horse and to be a Cowboy! He keeps asking to go back!! Can't wait for next year!"

--Jaxon Spear--

"My daughter, Rian, age 17 has Cerebral Palsy. We heard about Rough Rider Round-up on FB. She went and had a great time!! She was able to be herself around other children/people like her. The activities were a lot fun. Rian had a blast and can't wait for next years."

--Kristi Riley Shriner--

“The First Annual Rough Rider Roundup was a success. I appreciated the kindness that was given by all the volunteers and the staff. My daughter Shelbi is a country gal at heart and loves the rodeo, she was so excited that she got to experience some rodeoing firsthand. This was a great experience that met the needs of all levels of individuals, no one was excluded, and it was so much fun!”


“I will definitely volunteer again next year…

I attended Rough Rider Roundup, A Special Western Day and Rodeo at Roughout Ranch in Redding, California last October 19, 2019.  It was an event for the special needs community of Shasta and neighboring counties to enjoy. It was clear that everyone who went including volunteers, were having a good time.  I was with a participant who said, “I wish this day would never end; it is so much fun.  I can’t wait until next year.”

One could see that in just one year, a lot of effort went into making this event come true.  Kathy Burgess and Jim Cooke put a lot meticulous detail into every activity and did this from scratch (from designing ideas to building them).  Some of the things that the event had to offer was a cow train that ran around a large pasture which got held up by an old west character (robber), blacksmithing demonstrations, petting zoo, food, and a western town facade.  There were also carnival games which were so finely finished they were beautiful and a few old west encampments with old west entertainers.   

Rough Rider Round-up was a successful, happy event.  Everyone seemed to benefit from the positive outcome that this event provided. I volunteered to help during registration in the morning and assist with First Aid (if needed) for the rest the day; I will definitely do it again next year.”

Kimberly Burgess

“On October 19, 2019, I was a volunteer at the inaugural event Rough Rider Roundup which was held in Bella Vista, California. I didn’t know what to expect since it was the first one put on by Kathryn O’Donnell.

As a firsthand witness, I know that much work and effort went into making this event a success. Many hours were spent making the property perfect for the event and with the help of a friend, and years’ worth of work constructing all the games and activities—and there were many.  There was a blacksmith tent, a singing cowboy and his old west encampment, lots of animals to pet, and “cows” to milk (wooden cows that one could milk). Some of the kids enjoyed being in jail which was part of the buildings that made up the old west town. The BBQ was free and delicious with sausages and homemade chili and drinks.

The venue is a perfect setup for the roundup with lots of green grass and tall trees to keep it cool. Kathy O’Donnell has a deep desire to help others, especially those less fortunate than herself.  Lots of leg work went into procuring donations and advertising for the event.  Of course, she didn’t know what to expect.  The community was extremely generous, and Kathy was overwhelmed by the generosity of so many.

The donations made it possible for rough rider rodeo to move forward and be ready by the scheduled date.  I would say about 100 people enjoyed the day of which 30 people had physical and mental challenges.  All the games were fun for everyone, and I especially liked the cow train ride because my husband was the engineer and the passengers loved it. Toward the end of the day I would hear people say how much fun they had and can’t wait to come back next year.

I was so impressed with everything. I’ve been to other similar type events that were not so well put together as this -- especially being the first time out.  Rough Rider Roundup is hosts by Roughout Ranch and Roughout Ranch Foundation Inc. a non-profit organization. It’s FREE…and donations are so important to help keep this an annual event.”

Lucille Burgess

“I would like to express my great appreciation to Kathy O'Donnell and her Rough Rider Roundup event.

I volunteered to help with the event and did so (along with many others) from setup to cleanup, registration to train engineer. My appreciation comes from being a part of and observing something that brought out the best of a variety of people with all different abilities, from 3 years old to 70. It was an experience of heart-to-heart connection with people who might not have the opportunity to interact with each other ordinarily—participants and volunteers alike. 

The organization and craftsmanship evident in every aspect of the event created a magical and exhilarating atmosphere to which everyone responded with joy and enthusiastic engagement. Some of the volunteers were from Shasta Sea Cadets and Redding Police Explorers groups in uniform. Their supervising leaders were quite serious and stoic about their responsibilities at first, but even they relaxed into the fun of the day. Some participants were described as typically not taking part in any group outings but at Rough Rider Roundup they happily spent the entire day exploring and interacting with everything there was to do. Many volunteers stayed to talk about how wonderful the day had been and share stories. All this could only be accomplished by someone with passion, vision, energy and determination and focus. Kathy O’Donnell did this. It was a marvel in which I and many others look forward to attending year after year. 

I’ve never seen such a variety of people having such a joyous time—all for free. Very moving and inspirational.

I will continue donating my time, talent and treasure (as best I can) in hopes that others will do the same, allowing Rough Rider Roundup to continue annually.”

Kristi Burgess

Get To Know Us!

Roughout Ranch in Bella Vista is owned and managed by Kathy O'Donnell and Jim Cooke.  

Founder of Rough Rider Roundup and Roughout Ranch Foundation Inc. a 501(c)3, Kathy decided to invest her life in the lives of others to help them discover a life that matters. She has inspired other individuals to look beyond their current situations and capabilities and explore their world with confidence and knowledge. She no longer wants to live a meaningless life—it's time to give her life by using the skills and knowledge she has received to build a better life for others.  It's “paying it forward, returning the favor.”

Out of those inspirations, skills and knowledge came Rough Rider Roundup. Rough Rider Roundup is an western heritage event for children and adults who are mentally or physically challenged. The intent is to provide the opportunity that gives people with disabilities an active outlet to have fun and participate in a “modified” rodeo doing rodeo-type activities where they become cowboys and cowgirls for the day.

Jim and his parents came to Shasta County in 1973 and built the ranch house on 30 acres. Jim has been a Luthier and successful owner of Bear Mountain Guitars for 25 years in Shasta County.

Kathy O'Donnell came to the ranch in 2016 and helps with day-to-day ranch management , projects and chores.  She also is an Old West Reenactor, Graphic Designer and Marketing Communications Specialist for a high tech firm in the Bay Area.

Donors & Sponsors


Special thanks to Don Enos, Paula Messer, Paul Hawkins, Cindee Oback, Lori Walker, Mom & Dad, Kevin McNulty, Tuesday Perry-Rubsam, Steve Buchan, Mary Kappler, Lem Hollins, Justine Cubbage TenZelden, Mike Welden, Mike Beigh, Steve Del Grande, Tina Holt, Catherine Hodgson, Valerie Brand, Barbara Perna, Denise Shanahan, Steven Scrievers, Carolyn Cords, Marshall Wolfe, Kristi Burgess, Kim Burgess, Judy Suter Nelson, Steve Heymann, Sandra Eden, Larry Antaya, Denny/Pricilla McAfee, Joe Bozzie, Darren Idler, Mike Leonard, Heather Clarity, Bob Madson, Carrie Cordich Anthenien, Aleasha Barnes, Redding Dental Group, Frank C. Martinez IV, Everett Blix, Don Parker, Bud Widdowson, George Homer, Michael Duggan, Jeff LaPlant,  Patti McAdams, Deborah Cooper, Costco, Safeway, Oriental Trading for their donations.

Rough Rider Roundup hosts Rough Riders of all ages who are physically and mentally challenged.

Rough Riders will experience "modified" rodeo-like activities, so each contestant can be involved and have fun experiencing the cowboy way of life first hand.

2020 Registration Packet (pdf)


2020 Sponsorship Packet (pdf)


2020 Sponsorship Packet (pdf)


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